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Benefits of Membership

Becoming a Member will cost just over £1 a week which can easily be recouped over the subscription year.

As a Private Members’ Club, new Members are normally proposed and seconded by existing Members but there are many circumstances where this is not practical. So, if you are impressed or curious by what you have heard or read about our facilities why not complete the email form ‘Become a Member and arrange a tour. We’re sure a visit to our magnificent Clubhouse will convince you of the benefits of Membership and its excellent value. You will be invited to meet some Committee Mambers to give both you and us the opportunity to discuss your Membership application.

Our current subscription fees are shown for the various classes of Membership. Our subscription year is from 1st July to 30th June.

We are a Conservative Club and our current rules require Members to belong to a Conservative Association with a minimum annual subscription of only £5. This fee goes to the Broxbourne Parliamentary Conservative Association to support our local MP. If you are already a member of this or or another Conservative Association you do not have to pay again.

Annual Subsription Rates

Full Individual …… £60

Full Couple ………. £90

Young Person ……. £30
(18-25 years of age)

Corporate ……….. £200
(one Principal Member with voting rights and 4 named members with no voting rights)

Conservative Association … £5 (min)

At the time of becoming a Member you can add ‘credits’ to your bar account to benefit from significant reductions in bar prices. When used up, you can top up credit at any time over the bar.

We accept payment by cheque, internet funds transfer, Mastercard/Visa credit or debit cards or cash.

New Members

Existing Members